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Video tutorial and screenshots

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Editorial review

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 2.9
FairBot is a new software application that allows you to trade from the comfort of your home and with the simplicity of a one-click operation. As soon as you have downloaded and installed this software on your computer, you can start placing bets on Betfair, which is the first game company dedicated to users’ exchange bets.

Even though this application is not easy to use for non-professional users, or people who do not know the business, it has a very complete “Help area” with explanations about everything you need to know to start betting.
Its interface though is very clear, as well as easy to use and understand, since you have all the information you need in its main window. You just need to log on and start using the program. From the option panel you will be able to type in your Betfair login information, change the appearance of your panel, and change the preset WoM parameters, among other things. FairBot will also connect you to Betfair, so you can see the ‘Data Request Per Second’ statistics.


  • You can bet in real time.


  • A little bit expensive.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.
trusted DOWNLOAD 3.4 MB

What's new in version 3.7

An ability to show extra price columns in the Grid interface. See the “Settings...” screen: Grid tab. There are now new Back/Lay Column Count options.
A new LTP/LTA column in the Grid that shows the last trading price and the last trading amount. Click the “Settings...” button to show/hide this column.
A new Volume column in the Grid that shows the total amount matched on this selection. Turn it on/off from the “Settings...” screen.
An ability to sort selections in the Grid by different criteria such as Back/Lay Odds, Volume, Name, etc... See the “Sort Order” option at the top-right corner of the Grid interface.
A new “Settings...” screen. Now all options are grouped into 3 tabs: General, Grid and Ladder.
New conditions for Advanced Automation: Market Volume, Selection Volume.
New action for Advanced Automation: Cancel Bets on Selection. This allows the user to cancel different types of bets for a particular selection.
An ability to clone rules within the same strategy in the Strategy Editor. This allows you to quickly create similar rules within the same strategy.
Added an ability to show the “Hedged P/L” and “Selection P/L” data in a separate column in the Ladder. See the "Separate P/L Column" option in the “Settings...” screen on the Ladder page.
Fixed the problem with the Book Percentage Condition.
Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Publisher's description

FairBot is a trading application for Betfair betting exchange. This program has a fast, continuous screen updating, up to five times per second, to keep up with the speed of Betfair, which faster than the stock market. You can make use of advanced technical charting such as candlestick, bar and line charts.
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